Personal Reflection

This project was the first time I had to make a podcast.  In the beginning, I wasn’t exactly sure what podcasts were used for and what they were supposed to consist of.  After listening to a couple, I learned what was supposed to be incorporated into the podcast.  When first receiving the guidelines for the mini-podcast, I knew that I was going to write about immigration.  I have many experiences with immigrants from Central America and believe that today’s immigrant group is essential to the American economy.  I connected the Ellis Island type to modern day immigrant, establishing that their goals were, for the most part, equal; to provide a better life for themselves and for their children.  After writing up my assignment, I was set to record my paper.  The first time we met in the digital editing video lab, I was overwhelmed by the amount of technology that could be used into this project.  I am not a tech-savvy person so all of this information was coming at me in a blur.  My plan was to be record my piece and add a couple of effects to help it run smoothly.  Listening to other people’s podcasts, I heard background music throughout the essay, which gave it a positive feel.

The first time I went to the audio booth to record, I forgot how to go about it.  After figuring it out, I stepped into the booth and began recording.  I recorded my essay twice and then listened to both of the recordings.  There were a few lines that could’ve been smoother but I was overall satisfied.  A few days later, I figured out that I would need to go back into the studio in order to re-record because I had made changes to my paper.  The second time I went in to record, I only ran through my piece once.  There were two sentences that I did over and over which helped give my piece its entirety.

The most challenging part of the project was the editing.  Like I said, I am not a tech person and struggled a lot in this stage.  First, I had trouble converting the audacity file to Itunes and then into garage band.  It was frustrating because I couldn’t export the file from audacity.  After I did that, I next began to edit my file and add sound effects.  This part was a bit easier but still took me a while.

I think what could be improved here is the technological part.  There are many things that I still don’t know how to do.  Also, I could’ve used more effects to make my piece sound more sophisticated.  If there were a handout that had all the steps on how to go about the controls, I believe that it would make our jobs easier and our podcasts sound more professional.

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