Abstract of Story

Coming up with “your” American Dream is something that is unique and individualized.  I was taught in past history courses that people emigrated to pursue the American Dream.  People have been moving around the world since the beginning of time, which has helped change and diversify certain region on earth.  My story also shares how there is no barrier between immigrants and Americans.  Human is human and everybody is on the same playing field when it comes to make a living.  There is no reason one person should be discriminated against because they weren’t born in that country.  That reasoning has nothing to do with their intelligence, their work ethic, who they are, and what they can accomplish.  The final outcome for everybody is to make as large of a profit as possible.  If that is ultimately the case, why hire somebody that will do less for you just because they were born in the same place you were.  Also, immigrants sharing cultures has helped people perceive different aspects of life in different ways.  From my American Dream and past experiences, I have learned that there is no best place in the world and no right way to do something.  Everyone has their own way of going about things, and that is the beauty of life.

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